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Bhasan Char, Why?

Short documentary film about refugees sent to a remote island

This video is a two-minute trailer for a short documentary film about the emotional journey of a group of Rohingya refugees as they share their experiences of living on a remote island in the Bay of Bengal. Told through their own eyes in a documentary shot entirely on mobile phones by the refugees themselves, this film gives a raw and intimate look at the difficulties of displacement.

It was filmed secretly over the course of two years. The main camera person was apprehended by the authorities and questioned for 11 hours and physically assaulted.

The film gives voice to the refugees, men and women, as they confront the challenges of their new environment and the feelings of isolation, loneliness, and despair that come with it. The film features Rohingya language throughout and is subtitled in English.

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Rohingya Refugee News
Rohingya Refugee News
Shafiur Rahman