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002 - Police Brutality in Rohingya Camps

002 - Police Brutality in Rohingya Camps

APBn continues to abuse Rohingya refugees. Insights from a Podcast Discussion with Meenakshi Ganguly of Human Rights Watch
Meenakshi Ganguly, Deputy Asia Director, Human Rights Watch . Photo supplied.

The podcast features an interview with Meenakshi Ganguly, Deputy Asia Director at Human Rights Watch, about the ongoing abuses committed by the Armed Police Battalion (APBn) against Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Meenakshi describes the widespread impunity that allows APBn members to engage in extortion, harassment, and physical abuse with impunity. She also highlights the broader context of human rights violations in Bangladesh, including the government's failure to hold security forces accountable for their actions.

Key takeaways:

  • The APBn is responsible for a wide range of abuses against Rohingya refugees, including extortion, harassment, and physical abuse.

  • These abuses are committed with impunity, as the government has failed to investigate or prosecute APBn members for their crimes.

  • The broader context of human rights violations in Bangladesh contributes to the impunity enjoyed by the APBn and other security forces.

  • The government has a responsibility to protect Rohingya refugees from abuse and to hold perpetrators accountable.

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Call to action:

The podcast concludes with a call to action for the Bangladesh government to take concrete steps to address the abuses committed by the APBn. These steps include:

  • Conducting credible investigations into allegations of abuse and holding perpetrators accountable.

  • Investing in the development of the Rohingya community in Bangladesh.

The podcast emphasises that the international community also has a role to play in addressing the situation in the Rohingya camps. Donors should ensure that their funding is not used to support abusive security forces. The international community should also use its leverage to pressure the Bangladesh government to improve the protection of Rohingya refugees.

Here is the video I refer to in the podcast. Link

Here is Human Rights Watch article on APBn, published January 2023.

Here is a news release from Fortify Rights about APBn, published August 2023.


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