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I've been focused on Rohingya issues since 2016. On Substack, I plan to write in-depth and offer an insider's perspective on the issues facing Rohingya refugees.

A bit about me: I have travelled to the Rohingya camps over 30 times. In 2017, I created a short documentary called "Testimonies of a Massacre: Tula Toli" which premiered at Sheffield Docs and received widespread praise, garnering coverage from major news outlets such as the BBC and CNN.

Besides my career as a filmmaker, I have also written extensively about Rohingya issues. My articles and opinion pieces have been published in various outlets, including The Guardian, Dhaka Tribune, The Washington Post, The Daily Star (Dhaka), The Diplomat, The Quint, Narratively, and South East Asia Globe.

Why subscribe? Well, it's absolutely free. And I will be publishing a lot of free content. However, as a paid subscriber, you'll have access to exclusive content and updates, engaging discussions, and a unique insider's perspective on the evolving situation facing the Rohingya people. Your support will enable me to continue my work.

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