Did Bangladesh permit such activities within its borders? And now, faced with the revelation of these thousands of trained RSO members, what steps will Bangladesh take against RSO?

My perspective:

May be it was done on zero point, and I think Bangladesh need to help us more regarding our revolution, can we live here permanently, ofc , no.

Even Bangladesh was helped by their neighboring country, india.

Why will Bangladesh stop us from fighting for our own country?

That doesn't make any sense to me.

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It's totally fake of Koko Linn's voices those he is speaking because 3 men was arrested by RSO and ARA in my society at midnight at camp-8E Bulakhal (1) Block- B-44,45.

Those are my best friends and we're living in a society such as a villagers but Rohingya in fear

I am staying where my parents told me to depart in this situation.

Rohingya in fear.

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