OpEds by Shafiur Rahman | 2023

International Court of Justice, The Hague, Netherlands. 10 December 2019. © Shafiur Rahman

Here are a selection of earlier articles from 2021: Washington Post, Dhaka Tribune, The Guardian, South East Asia Globe

OpEds from 2023:

20 November: Bangladesh accused of legitimizing Myanmar military

Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB)

16 November: Rohingya Repatriation: A Roadmap Tainted by Coercion and Exclusion.

Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB)

9 October: Bangladesh’s Information War on Bhasan Char: A Closer Look.

Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB)

7 September: The Disappearance and Arbitrary Detention of Rohingya Refugee Leader Dil Mohammed

The Diplomat

25 August: Balancing justice and diplomacy: The ICC and the Rohingya crisis

Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB)

10 August: The Rohingya and the ethical blindspot of international media

Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB)

23 June: Shaping Repatriation: The Role of Bangladesh’s NSI in the Rohingya Crisis.

Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB)

2 June: Cash Incentives and Coercion: The Controversial Strategy for Rohingya Repatriation

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh report being offered $2,000 to return to Myanmar – and threatened with beatings if they do not.
The Diplomat

19 May: The Disappearance of Dil Mohammed: A Voice for the Rohingya Silenced

On January 18, prominent advocate Dil Mohammed was abducted from a Rohingya camp in No Man’s Land. He has not been heard from since.
The Diplomat

3 May: How the media helped shape a negative perception of the Rohingya

Oversimplified representation of the Rohingya crisis perpetuates the notion of refugees being problematic and burdensome
The Daily Star

19 March: Bangladesh-Myanmar Military Partnership’s Impact on Rohingyas

Dhaka is obligated to cooperate with ICC investigation
The Citizen

10 March: Mohibullah Killers granted amnesty in Bhasan Char Refugee camp?

Rohingya Refugee News
Mohibullah Killers granted amnesty in Bhasan Char Refugee camp?
Several former members of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), who are facing murder charges for the killing of Rohingya leader Mohibullah, have reportedly been granted amnesty and relocated to Bhasan Char. The government's decision to grant amnesty to these individuals raises doubts about its c…
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10 March: Are Arsa leaders among those relocated to Bhasan Char?

Some of those relocated to Bhasan Char, and now find themselves residing in close proximity to former Arsa leaders, have expressed concern about their new neighbours
Dhaka Tribune

26 February: Ko Ko Linn of RSO orders his followers to kill ARSA members

Ko Ko Linn, head of RSO's political wing, was recorded ordering the mass killing of ARSA members after the destruction of the Zero Point camp. Orders included denying funeral prayers for those killed.

Rohingya Refugee News
Ko Ko Linn of RSO orders his followers to kill ARSA members
The Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO), a previously dormant group seeking to advocate for Rohingya in Myanmar, recently participated in a violent operation and displaced thousands of Rohingya refugees from No Man’s Land. See my article about this here…
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26 February: Rohingya leader's audio urging mass killings sparks concerns

In the recording, Ko Ko Linn, who is based in Chittagong, can be heard ordering his followers to carry out mass killings of members of Arsa, located in the camps of Ukhiya
Dhaka Tribune

16 February: Myanmar Bangladesh joint offensive cracks down on Rohingya

Leaked documents from a senior meeting of Myanmar junta officials reveal an unexpected collaboration between the Myanmar military and Bangladesh forces on operations against the ARSA Rohingya insurgent group
South East Asia Globe

2 February: Trouble in No Man’s Land

The events leading up to the destruction of the Rohingya camp in No Man's Land and the role of Bangladesh

13 January: Rohingya children are a "ticking time-bomb

Views from the Bangladesh military establishment

Rohingya Refugee News
Rohingya children are a "ticking time-bomb"
At an online meeting of the Arakan Rohingya National Alliance (ARNA) in November 2022, a retired Bangladeshi army officer, Lt General Mohammed Mahfuzur Rahman, spoke about a field trip where he met a 12-year-old Rohingya boy who had witnessed the rape of his mother and crossed the Myanmar border into Bangladesh in September 2017. He stated that the boy …
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6 January: Inside story of death on the high seas

On December 8, a boat sank claiming the lives of all on board, which took the number of Rohingya refugees who died on sea crossings in 2022 close to 400
Dhaka Tribune