Come and Talk Session Reveals: Rohingya Representatives Challenge Junta with Demands for Rights and Recognition (Date of recording 31 October 2023)

Translations and additional videos will appear soon.

On this page, I have posted some of the poignant and compelling interventions by Rohingya refugees during the 'Come and Talk' session, held 31 October. The meeting transformed into a stage for forthright critique, veiled in politeness, directed at the junta delegates. The Rohingya representatives stood not only as voices of their communities but as symbols of courage and determination. They directly challenged the Myanmar junta delegation with incisive questions that highlighted a history of unfulfilled promises and unaddressed demands.

In their assertive yet respectful speeches, the Rohingya effectively cut through diplomatic formalities, highlighting significant flaws in the existing strategies addressing their situation. They questioned the practicality of the proposed relocation to a limited number of 20 camps and strongly advocated for the return of their lands and their rights to reconstruct their lives.

These speeches laid bare the shortcomings of the plans of the Myanmar junta and the Bangladeshi government. The session was a stark reminder of the critical requirements for repatriation: genuine legal reform and citizenship, community involvement, international backing, and a commitment to accountability and security.